Onewheel Pint X Rail Replacement

Written By: Justin Velasquez

Difficulty: Moderate

Steps: 7

Time Required: 45 minutes


For your safety, power off your Onewheel Pint X prior to disassembly. This reduces the risk of electrical malfunctions and/or damage during the replacement process.

Note: Altering or damaging any component of your Onewheel Pint X during disassembly/reassembly may render your existing warranty void or lead to refusal of non-warranty service at the discretion of Future Motion, Inc. (the creators of Onewheel).

Step 1   Remove the fender/delete screws and fender/delete

  • Remove all four (4) screws using a TP20 bit.
  • Note: Keep screws organized as they are easy to mix up and/or lose.
  • To remove the fender/delete, apply pressure to each side of it, near the axle carriers, and pull it up and away from the Onewheel™.

Step 2   Remove the bottom bumper screws and bumpers

  • Remove all ten (10) screws using a TP20 bit.
  • To remove the front bumper, pull it toward the nose of the Onewheel™.
  • To remove the rear bumper, pull it toward the tail of the Onewheel™.
  • Note: If you are unable to remove the rear bumper by hand, you may use a flat head screwdriver to pry it away from the rails (be gentle).

Step 3   Remove the top footpad screws and footpads

  • Remove all four (4) screws using a TP20 bit.
  • Caution: For the front footpad sensor connector, turn (counter-clockwise) only the smaller part of the connector closest to the controller. Turning the entire body of the connector can damage it or your controller.
  • Note: If you are unable to remove the footpad sensor connector using your fingers, you may use a Future Motion™ footpad connector wrench or a pair of long nose pliers (be gentle).

Step 4   Remove the hub bolts

  • Remove the two (2) bolts on one side of your Onewheel™ using a T30 bit.
  • Note: DO NOT remove all four (4) hub bolts as this can put unnecessary stress on your motor cables during the rest of the rail replacement process.
  • Caution: Be sure to use the appropriate bit as these bolts are prone to stripping.
  • Note: If you find it difficult to remove the hub bolts with hand tools, you may use an impact driver to loosen them. Use ONLY impact rated bits.

Step 5   Remove the battery/controller module retaining screws

  • Remove all four (4) screws on one side of your Onewheel™ using a TP20 bit.
  • Note: Make sure this is the same side you removed the bolts from in the previous step.

Step 6   Remove the rail

  • Caution: Be extremely careful not to damage the wiring harness or motor cable as you remove the rail.

Step 7   Remove the other rail

  • Important: Before moving on to the other rail, make sure to reassemble the first side you started on.
  • Repeat steps 5-7 to remove the other rail.

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